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No Money Lah

Hey there! My name is Yi Xuan, welcome to No Money Lah, my personal blog that aims to embrace the talk about adulthood issues openly, such as money and happiness.

If you are looking for inspiration to make the journey of adulthood a little less daunting and a tad more fun to live by, welcome home.

The story of No Money Lah 

As a child, I’ve always feared watching thrilling movies. Growing up, I’ve learned that those movies are not my biggest fear.

Instead, the reality of adulthood is even scarier than movies like The Nun. Issues with money, career, and stress are truly depressing matters. However, the ways to manage them were rarely taught in school.

Even worse, due to the lack of formal discussion on adulthood challenges, we tend to dismiss (proper) conversations about these issues in our life.

Henceforth, I have decided to start No Money Lah. At No Money Lah, I will write about finance and investments, personal happiness, stress management and many more adulthood related issues.

Taking Adulthood Head-On!

For this, No Money Lah will be where I share my new findings in life. No Money Lah is where I will share my greatest life challenges. No Money Lah is where I will share my deepest failures.

The most important of all, No Money Lah is where you know you are not alone in this adulthood journey.

I dedicate No Money Lah to everyone that is going through the challenges of adulthood, no matter it’s about money, career, relationship, stress or so forth.

We are learning in this journey, together.

About Myself

I am an Economics graduate from the University of Malaya.

As a finance and technology enthusiast, I was with a FinTech startup, working on Business Development and blockchain related initiatives. Currently, I am a full-time day trader and investor in financial derivatives. Aside from that, I coach table tennis part-time and run No Money Lah that focuses on documenting my adulthood journey.

My goal in life is to achieve financial freedom by building multiple income streams and to have a freedom of time and mind. At the same time, I am committed to inspiring others to do the same.

I invest a lot of my time in personal development initiatives, from habits such as reading and meditation, to skills development such as public speaking. As such, I am an active member of University of Malaya Toastmasters Club.

Did I mention that I am a huge Star Wars, DC and Marvel comics fan too?