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It’s funny how I am graduating from university in a month time, yet I am of mixed feelings about graduating.

Seriously, what did we learn in school?

We spent near to 20 years in schools, yet these education institutions have failed to educate us how to manage adulthood issues – How do I manage stress (properly)? How do I manage my monthly income? How can I structure my spending and investments to manage my student loans and afford a house by my 30s?

Keep diving into this and we will come to realize that we have learned close to minimal life skills in the lecture hall. Due to the lack of formal discussion on adulthood challenges, we tend to dismiss (proper) conversations about them in our life.

As an example, it is so hard for people to acknowledge that they are having issues (stress/depression, money, relationship etc), and it is even harder for them to seek help and guidance – because the society, in general, does not embrace these conversations openly.

The purpose of No Money Lah

That’s why it is so important to write and talk openly about adulthood issues, or rather the journey of having these challenges and facing them one at a time.

No Money Lah is about my journey in this new chapter of life – but it is more than that.

No Money Lah is where I share my new findings in life. No Money Lah is where I share my greatest life challenges. No Money Lah is where I share my deepest failures.

The most important of all, No Money Lah is where you know you are not alone in this adulthood journey.

I am graduating in a month time. I am fearful of the uncertainties, yet I am excited for what’s to come.

Till the next article!


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