Last Updated on May 2, 2022 by Chin Yi Xuan

A lot of people have the dream of firing their boss and start working for themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with the dream.

What’s wrong is their unrealistic expectation on this matter, especially at the start:

Sleep and wake up anytime you want.

No deadlines.

Freedom of time. 

Unfortunately, these ideals are far from the truth.

Instead, these are what’s going happen when you start working for yourself:

The constant guilt of waking up late and realizing that you have lost half of your workday.

Trying to squeeze multiple deadlines into a week, and/or feeling totally useless when you are not doing anything.

You have the FLEXIBILITY of time, not the FREEDOM of time. This means that working on weekends is totally normal.

Working for yourself is an art.

The art of self-discovery.

The art of self-discipline.

The art of finding structure when none exists. 

p.s. Art takes time.

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