Last Updated on May 2, 2022 by Chin Yi Xuan

We are creatures that love to compare.

It’s easy to look at someone else’s achievement & possession and feel that we are not good enough (especially if the person is our peer).

It’s in our sub-conscious to peg our current situation with our goals and target in life and feel that we are too small for our goals.

It’s as if we have never made any progress forward, right?

To be honest, I felt like that most of the time. 

Comparing myself to the friend that is earning much more than I do. The friend that seems to be traveling and eating good food all the time. The friend that seems to have won it all in his/her life.

I think there’s no way for me to ever run away from these emotions as we progress in life.

But what I’d do whenever I sense these self-defeating emotions, is to stop comparing myself to them.

Yet we are creatures that love to compare, right?

At some of my worst days, I’d lift myself up by comparing myself today to the person I was a few months ago, or even a few years ago.

Whenever I feel small, I’ll compare myself to the person I am in the past.

Likely, I’ve found better clarity in certain aspects of my life. Certainly, I’ve learned some new skills. Surely, I’ve grown past the most challenging times of my life thus far.

I may not have all the answers and achieve my major goals (yet), but I am definitely making progress.

I give a good pat to myself on the back.

We are creatures that love to compare.

Do that with other people and we’ll be a miserable human being. Do that with the little progress that we made a few months/years ago and we’ll always find liberation.

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