When it comes to investing in our local Malaysian stock market, I have been a fan of Rakuten Trade as my main go-to broker.

Its highly competitive fee structure is just nice for me to Dollar Cost Average (DCA) on my positions, especially its industry lowest RM7 commission for trades below RM1,000.

Aside from that, I also like the fact that Rakuten Trade’s platform interface is much more intuitive and user-friendly compared to some other local brokers that I have come across in the past.

However, we are just scratching the surface. In this post, I am going to share with you 4 underrated, yet very useful tools on Rakuten Trade’s platform that’ll help you analyze stocks and make better investment decisions.

But Before That, An Important Update:

Over the past few months, the trading volume in the stock market has been experiencing tremendous growth as there is more participation from the retail investors (ie. Users like us).

As a result, it was very common to hear issues like platform hanging, login problems, and execution issues across the board during peak hours, regardless of brokers. This is because the infrastructure in place for local brokers were not ready to handle the large, sudden surge in trading volumes.

At least that was the case a few months ago.

For the past month or so, Rakuten Trade has been implementing improvements to its platform and has finally completed the upgrades in October.

Now, this means that Rakuten Trade will most likely be able to handle high trading volume even during peak hours, ensuring that investors have consistent trading experience at any time.

Personally, I have tried executing orders at the market open since the upgrade. The experience has been smooth, and I have not met with any issues with my execution.

If you are a Rakuten Trade user, do try this out and let me know if you have similar experience (or any issues as well)!

Source: Rakuten Trade website

With this matter addressed, let’s get started on the topic of this article – ie. 4 tools on Rakuten Trade that’ll help you analyze stocks and make better investment decisions:

#1 Comprehensive Rakuten Trade Stock Screener

Powered by Thomson Reuters, I think this is the most powerful, yet less talked-about feature on Rakuten Trade’s platform.

Essentially, what this Stock Screener does is it allows you to shortlist for stocks that fulfill a certain set of criteria. Doing this will save you the time from stock-searching over hundreds of listed companies in the market.

There are plenty of Fundamental Analysis filters that you can set in this stock screener, from Financials like Dividend Yield, Return of Equity (ROE), Interest Coverage Multiples, to Estimates like Estimated Price-Earning-to-Growth (PEG), Estimated Dividend Growth Rate, and more. There are also filters for Technical Analysis (eg. Golden Cross, MACD, RSI) if you are into that.


Source: Rakuten Trade web platform

If you are totally new with no specific set of criteria, or simply looking for some fresh investment ideas, Rakuten Trade also has a couple of presets in place for you to get started.

Some of these preset include filters for High Growth Companies and High Dividend Companies.


Source: Rakuten Trade web platform


  • 1. One of the most comprehensive stock screeners with different filtering criteria.
  • 2. Existing screening presets for investors to get started.
  • 3. Did I mention that it is free for all Rakuten Trade users?

Suitable for:

  • 1. Investors looking to filter for companies/stocks that fulfill a certain set of criteria.
  • 2. Investors looking for fresh and new investing ideas.

p.s. My only rant with this screener is it seems like all REITs are excluded in the screening process – which makes it hard for me to filter for REITs. Pretty sure this can be fixed with a backend update.

#2 Baked-In Stock Info

One thing that got me quite frustrated with the other broker platforms that I’ve used before is the lack of stock/company information on the platform.

While this may not be as significant as the Rakuten Trade stock screener, I find having information about a company readily available to me pretty handy.

Whenever I am in need of a quick glance, I can view the overall fundamental health of a company (eg. Beta, ROE, EPS) without having the need to go dig for them in the financial report.


  • 1. Company info readily baked into the platform.
  • 2. Quick fundamental ratios in a glance.

Suitable for:

  • 1. Investors looking to do a quick research/initial filter on a company.
Source: Rakuten Trade web platform

#3 Price Alerts on Multiple Channels

For price alerts, I have been using the alert function on KLSE Screener app for some time.

However, the downside to this is that I am only alerted via the app on my phone. While this may be fine for most people, but for me, I keep my phone offline for most of the day while at work – resulting in me missing my alerts frequently.

The good thing with Rakuten Trade’s baked in Alerts, is I can choose to get notified by both the iSpeed app AND email when my alerts are triggered. With this, I can get notified while I am working in front of my laptop.

For most investors (myself included), this price alert function can be used alongside entry, take profit, and cutting losses. As an example, since there is not automatic cut loss function on most local brokers (including Rakuten Trade) in Malaysia, I can set a price alert for me to manually cut my losses when the price hits a certain level.


Get alerted when the price of your chosen company hits a certain level.

Suitable for:

  • 1. Investors looking to be notified first-hand on both their phone and via email.
  • 2. Investors with specific entry, target profit, and stop-loss levels.
Source: Rakuten Trade web platform

#4 News & Report on the Companies in my Portfolio

In the past, I find it hard to keep track of the news and updates of the companies that I invest in.

On Rakuten Trade’s platform, there are news and updates on the companies that I invest in readily available for me to view. Aside from that, there are also daily research reports & market news available if you need extra resources and input.

Personally, as a long-term REIT investor, I do not follow the updates every hour and everyday. However, it is good to have them all baked into the platform for me to check out whenever needed.


Get updates on news and announcements for the companies that you invest in.

Suitable for:

Investors looking to have updates and announcements for their investments all available in one platform.

Source: Rakuten Trade web platform

Notable Mention: Watchlist up to 100 stocks

These days, having a watchlist function is fairly common across the board. However, I’d still want to mention Rakuten Trade’s watchlist function in this post:

While certain apps or platforms have a fairly small limit on the number of stocks that you can add to your watchlist, Rakuten Trade allows users to create 10 watchlists and fit up to 100 companies in each of them.

For me, that’s definitely more than enough and I think this will work fine for most investors.

Source: Rakuten Trade web platform

No Money Lah’s Verdict

So here you go – the useful and underrated tools in Rakuten Trade that’ll help you analyze stocks and make better investment decisions!

Personally, I was not aware of all these little features until I take some time to explore the platform.

While the usefulness and practicality for each of these features/tools may be subjective according to each investor, I find having them baked right in the platform especially neat and handy.

What are some of the useful features in your broker that you are using yourself? Feel free to share with me in the comment section below!

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