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Do you have a financial goal in mind, and would like some form of accountability to help you achieve the goal?

If your answer is a YES, I think you will like the new Target Labur feature from ASNB!

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What is Target Labur from ASNB?

ASNB Target Labur is a goal-based investing feature within the myASNB app.

Through Target Labur, you can plan your financial goals, where you’ll be given suggestions on how much to invest monthly in their goals. 

In addition, you are able to track the progress of your goals easily with Target Labur to stay accountable to your goals.

Through Target Labur, ASNB aims to encourage more Malaysians to build healthier investing habits and achieve their financial goals.

asnb target labur
Source: ASNB

How to use ASNB Target Labur?

ASNB Target Labur is open to all investors of ASNB funds within the myASNB portal or app.

  • If you are totally new to ASNB (ie. Have not purchased any ASNB fund before), proceed to download the myASNB app to open an ASNB account. Once you have opened an account and purchased your first ASNB fund, you will be able to use the Target Labur feature.
  • If you are an existing ASNB investor that does not have a myASNB account yet, definitely download the myASNB app and complete a short e-KYC process. Once that is done, you will be able to access the Target Labur feature.

Next, let’s go through how to use the Target Labur feature:

Step 1: Click on Target Labur in your myASNB app

ASNB Target Labur
Access the Target Labur feature within the myASNB app.

Step 2: Select a suggested goal, or feel free to create your own customized goal!

ASNB Target Labur
Select or customize your own financial goal via Target Labur!

Step 3: Key in the target amount & date to achieve your goal.

Then, set a return expectation for your investments. Do note that this is only a reference, and does not serve as an indication of future returns.

ASNB Target Labur

Step 4: You will be given suggestions on how much to invest monthly based on your goals.

This suggestion is made based on certain key factors and assumptions. I highly recommend you to read them up by clicking on the ‘basis of calculation’ section.

ASNB Target Labur

Step 5: Once you have started your goal, you will be able to track your progress easily through the myASNB app.

If you need a tutorial on ASNB Target Labur, definitely watch their tutorial HERE.

ASNB Target Labur
Track your goals easily via Target Labur

#JomLabur Campaign – Win attractive prizes through Target Labur!

Looking to start achieving your financial goals with ASNB Target Labur?

Now’s the best time to do so as you stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to RM200,000!

From 8th October 2021 to 31st March 2022, ASNB is running a #JomLabur campaign to encourage Malaysians to use the Target Labur feature in the myASNB app.

It’s really easy to participate in the #JomLabur campaign:

  • Create 2 goals worth at least RM5,000 each via the Target Labur feature in the myASNB app.
  • Winners will be randomly selected in accordance with the terms and conditions of this campaign.

You can learn more about the terms & conditions of the #JomLabur campaign HERE.

ASNB jomlabur campaign

No Money Lah’s Verdict

ASNB has been a go-to investment for many Malaysians. With the introduction of the Target Labur feature, it’ll certainly help encourage a better investing habit among us all.

ASNB Target Labur FAQ

  1. Is it mandatory for ASNB investors to use the Target Labur feature?

Target Labur is a facility within the myASNB app aimed at encouraging healthy investment habits. It is not mandatory for myASNB app users or ASNB investors to use the Target Labur feature.

  1. Is there a limit on the number of goals you can create?

There is no limit to the number of goals a person can create, though the maximum target value per goal is fixed at RM100,000,000.

  1. Can I redeem the funds once it is allocated to Target Labur?

Allocation does not mean ‘locking in’ – you are in complete control of your funds and can redeem as necessary, in accordance with redemption policies.

  1. If I delete a goal in Target Labur, will I lose my investments allocated to it?

Deleting a goal does not impact your investments in ASNB products. Deleting a goal simply allocates it to general savings or allows you to allocate your investments to other goals.


Target Labur investing is only for the purpose of simulation, and should not be construed as investment advice or financial planning. This facility is designed to assist you in determining the appropriate monthly investment in order to achieve your financial targets.

ASNB is not responsible/liable and does not guarantee the accuracy of the figures calculated. The figures calculated are for illustration only and shall not be regarded as recommendations or solicitations towards the buying or selling of ASNB’s products. Investors are advised to read and understand the Electronic Prospectus(es) and its Supplementary Prospectus(es) (if any) as well as the Product Highlight Sheet prior to making any investment decision. If in doubt, please consult a professional advisor