3 Ideas to Maximize the Return of Your Angpau Money (Tried & Tested)

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone – may this new year showers you with health and wealth!

If you are like me, you know that growing up, we do not get to keep our angpau money. Instead, our angpaus are being kept and managed by our parents.

The good thing? It prevented us (the child) from spending on unnecessary stuff. On the flip side, it made a lot of us pretty bad angpau money ‘managers’ upon growing up.

 If that’s the case for you, here are some solid suggestions (which I personally do) on how to best make use of your angpau money!



#1 Invest them! (Starting from RM0)

Getting your angpau invested is definitely one of the best and most direct ways to start a prosperous new year!

If you are new to investing and/or have no extra time to manage your money, be sure to check out StashAway to help manage your investments, hassle-free!

Essentially, StashAway is a smart wealth management platform that helps you manage your investments via algorithms in accordance with your risk appetite and economic condition – think of it as an (often cheaper) alternative to mutual funds.

Personally, I have been using StashAway to manage my passive investment portfolio and have no problem recommending it to people due to its reliability (regulated by Securities Commission) & lower fees than typical mutual funds.

In terms of returns, StashAway managed to give a return of around 10% for my combined aggressive portfolios in 2019 – a very respectable return by all means. Check out StashAway’s 2-year performance in the photo below.

Alternatively, there are other similar wealth management services like Wahed (Promo Code to get FREE RM40  bonus when you deposit a min. of RM100: YIXCHI1) and MyTheo (Promo Code to get 3 months FREE management fee: CHINYXWD49) of which I will be covering in the future.

If you are keen to try out StashAway, be sure to click HERE to get an exclusive 50% OFF your StashAway fees – AND no worries on how much you get for your angpau as you can get started with any amount at all!   


StashAway’s Performance compared to same-risk benchmark. (Source: StashAway)




#2 Spend on Books for even Bigger Return!

Nothing pays more dividends than acquiring new skills and knowledge.

If there is one thing that I can comfortably recommend anyone to spend on, books will top the list without a doubt.

Now, if you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know that I am a huge book lover.

I enjoy reading books on personal growth, habits and money & investment – and here are 3 books that you should not miss in 2020:


(a) Mindset by Carol Dweck (Personal Development)

Mindset by Carol Dweck is a great book on personal growth that I am personally reading at the moment.

This book emphasizes the importance of having a growth mindset in personal life, sustainable leadership and long-lasting relationship – and the approach that you can apply to build this mindset.

Definitely check out this book if you are looking to make a significant breakthrough in 2020.


“True self-confidence is “the courage to be open—to welcome change and new ideas regardless of their source.” Real self-confidence is not reflected in a title, an expensive suit, a fancy car, or a series of acquisitions. It is reflected in your mindset: your readiness to grow.”

― Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success




(b) Atomic Habits by James Clear (Habit-Building)

Atomic Habits by James Clear is hands down, the best book on habits that I’ve read in 2019.

Essentially, this book rips off myths on conventional habit-building methods and introduces us to simple & scientifically proven hacks to build a good habit that lasts.

If you have problem building habits that last, this is THE book to go for.


“You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.”

― James Clear, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones




(c) The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman (Money, Personal Finance & Business)

The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman will be my next read after I am done with Mindset.

The reason I am excited to read this book is that it covers a comprehensive aspect of personal finance and business – which I think would contain a whole lot of golden nuggets for me to discover.

Plus, you can now get this book at 41% OFF – which is really a great deal that I do not want you to miss out on.


“You can’t make positive discoveries that make your life better if you never try anything new.”

― Josh Kaufman, The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business




#3 Optimize Your Financial Goals with a Professional Personal Financial Planner (BONUS: Free Consultation Session using my link below)

If you are looking to have a prosperous new year in 2020, you will definitely need a solid money plan on how to grow your wealth (like seriously).

This is even more important especially if you have a goal in mind that would need a big sum of money to accomplish in this new decade:

Planning to get married? Buying your first house or car? Looking to retire soon?

How about the plan for a trip to Japan, or the idea of changing your 3-year old smartphone this year?

If you have all these big (and small) financial goals in mind, and are still clueless about how to achieve them, engaging a Personal Financial Planner is the way to go.

Personally, I have worked alongside my very first Personal Financial Planner to get my 2020 financials planned with effective action steps – and I’ve learned so much about my finances.

Now, I DO NOT want you to pay for a Personal Financial Planner if you do not find value in their services.

For that, I am throwing in a FREE financial consultation session for you to find out for yourself (Click HERE to register) – I promise that it will be a time well-spent with great insights!


Working alongside my personal financial planner



Verdict: The Best Return of Investment in Money Spent is When Your Grow Alongside Them.

One of my biggest satisfaction when it comes to money spent is to feel or know that I’ve learned something from the transaction.

As of the case for angpau money, it is even more meaningful to use them in ways that could elevate your wealth and/or growth to kickstart the year.

For me, that’s the best return ever.

Take care and have a great festive season! 🙂

Yi Xuan



(1) This post may contain affiliate links, which afford No Money Lah a commission if you make a purchase.

(2) Any investment related sharing in this article is purely my personal opinion and should not be taken as a buy/sell call. Please seek financial advice from a professional financial planner for this matter. 


4 Books on Money That Will Transform Your Financial Lifestyle in 2019

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Wanna get rich in 2019?

To many, the idea of getting rich or wealthy is to learn how to earn money in the quickest manner. Well, that is only half the truth on getting rich (in fact, just a quarter of the truth).

In order to achieve truly sustainable and long-lasting wealth, it is essential for us to first master the correct mindset about money and being rich.

To do so, the most effective way is none other than to explore the wisdom on money that can open our world to a new perspective about money and wealth.

Coming into a brand-new year, here are my 4 book recommendations on money that will transform your financial lifestyle in 2019:

(1) Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

When it comes to the ultimate book of money-making, Think & Grow Rich is the book that you have to read.

In Think & Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill shares the money-making secrets that have made fortunes for more than 500 men, such as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

This secret, as stated by Hill, was inspired by Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest people in history that led the expansion of American steel industry in the late 19th century.

Not surprisingly, while being one of the most successful self-help book about money in the history, there are very few use of words such as ‘money’, ‘finance’ and ‘stocks’ in the book.

Instead, Hill shares about psychological barriers that prevent people from getting wealthy.

In this book, Hill also breaks down 13 money-making secrets to the readers, such as:

  1. Desire: The starting point of all achievement.
  2. Faith: Visualization of and belief in the attainment of desire.
  3. Autosuggestion: The use of affirmations to influence the mind to succeed.
  4. Imagination: Visualizing yourself into success.
  5. Persistence: Keep going until you achieve what you want.
  6. The Subconscious Mind: How to influence your mind with positive thoughts.
  7. And more!

For me, Think & Grow Rich is a classic that covers all aspect of life that ultimately set you to achieve the wealth that you deserve.

Definitely make this book your to-read book in 2019!

There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing, until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief, not mere hope or wish.

Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich

'Think & Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill

(2) Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

If you are not familiar already with Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it is a solid book that offers money concepts that will change how you look at money forever.

Essentially, the book goes around the difference between the ‘poor dad’ (the real father of the author), and the ‘rich dad’ (the author’s mentor) on handling wealth and money despite the ‘poor dad’ having a solid education background while the ‘rich dad’ has otherwise.

In this book, Robert Kiyosaki discusses key issues such as:

  1. The importance of financial education, and why most families are doing it wrong.
  2. Why the rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer?
  3. The concept of assets and liabilities in financial planning.

In short, Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the textbook on the concept of money that everyone should read, and re-read.

Special mention: Aside from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I also recommend reading Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki (click here to get 23% OFF YOUR PURCHASE!) where he introduces the famous 4-Quadrants concept that changes how people look at money and career!

Most people never study the subject [of money]. They go to work, get their paycheck, balance their checkbooks, and that’s it. On top of that, they wonder why they have money problems. Few realize that it’s their lack of financial education that is the problem.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad

'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert T. Kiyosaki

(3) The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

If you ever thought of the idea of starting a business (be it you are working a full-time job or not) and how to get your work done by working fewer hours, The 4-Hour Workweek is definitely for you.

In this book, author Tim Ferriss offers a constructive guide on how he started his health supplement business to how he automates the business so he can go on to live a mini-retirement lifestyle.

Some of the key highlights of The 4-Hour Workweek include:

  1. The definition of ‘New Rich’: Those who have the time and mobility to enjoy life to the fullest.
  2. The secrets to live the life of ‘New Rich’.
  3. How to eliminate unnecessary work processes, automate effort and achieve liberation from our work.

For me, reading The 4-Hour Workweek was a mind-blowing experience, as I discovered fresh and new possibility towards a dream lifestyle without compromise on time and money.

Definitely a must-read!

If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is, too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.

Timothy Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek

'The 4-Hour Work Week' Timothy Ferriss

(4) Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Adam Khoo

If you ever need a practical handbook about personal money management, Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires is no doubt the best book that you can learn from.

In this book, author Adam Khoo shares practical tips and hacks to improve your overall wealth and finances.

Some of the important lessons shared in this book are:

  1. Habits and steps to achieve financial abundance.
  2. Ways to manage your cash flow and expenses.
  3. How to create multiple streams of income online.
  4. How to build million-dollar net worth.

Personally, I've learned a lot from Adam’s books. As such, reading Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires has empowered me to take on my finances and wealth with confidence.

You see…none of us are ever taught how to make money, how to invest money or how to manage our wealth and yet money is the most important subject in our adult lives. Although many say that ‘money isn’t everything' that’s only a half-truth. The truth is that ‘everything is money’!

Adam Khoo, Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

'Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires' by Adam Khoo

No Money Lah's Verdict:

So here's it! 4 books that you absolutely have to check out to transform your financial lifestyle in 2019!

Personally, reading the books above have totally changed my perspective towards money, and I have no problem at all to recommend all these books to you.

Plus, when you purchase these books through No Money Lah's link, you will also help support the daily operations of No Money Lah! If you do so, be sure to let me know and I would love to show my appreciation to you!

Do you have any good books recommendation for personal finance? Share with me at the comment below!

I cannot wait to hear from you!

6 Morning Rituals That Have Transformed My Life in 2018. (Plus: The Best Christmas & New Year Gift??)

I used to have terrible self discipline.

This has cost me my productivity, focus and happiness when I first started No Money Lah and work on my own as a full-time financial trader earlier this year.

Luckily, it didn't take long for me to realize that I would need to develop a set of discipline, or rituals to hold myself in check

Coincidentally, I came across the book 'The Miracle Morning' by author Hal Elrod, and it changed my life forever:

The tone of our morning has a powerful impact on the tone of the rest of our day.
Hal Elrod, the author of ‘The Miracle Morning –The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8am’

'The Miracle Morning' by Hal Elrod

In his book that has helped thousands of people around the world find fulfillment and purpose in life, Hal has proposed 6 rituals that will help you set the tone to your morning – and your day and subsequently, your life. He calls it the Life S.A.V.E.R.S:

(1) S is for Silence (5 – 10 minutes)

Silence, or purposeful silence in the morning, is what Hal described as ‘one of the best ways’ to reduce stress, build mindfulness and maintain clarity on our goals.

Typically, a working adult’s morning would be either sluggish or hectic. Starting the day with these moods would affect the rest of one’s day to be either unproductive or more impulsive.

As such, waking up 5 - 10 minutes earlier every morning and practice purposeful silence such as meditation would help to set a peaceful tone to our morning and day.

For me, meditation is a no-compromise daily ritual, where I will meditate for 5 - 10 minutes in the morning and before sleep improve my focus and sleep quality.

More: 5 Simple Steps to Meditate for a Focused Mind & Better Sleep. (click on the picture above)

(2) A is for Affirmations (2 – 3 minutes)

“I am the greatest!” Muhammad Ali affirmed these words over and over again – and then he became them.

According to Hal, every individual has an internal dialogue that runs through our head, almost non-stop. The thing is, we do not choose these dialogues consciously as most of it happens unconsciously in our mind.

Our self-talks are either working for or against us, depending on how we use them. Hence, it is important to consciously design and choose our affirmations.

As such, Hal suggested 5 steps to help us design them:

  • Step 1 – What do you really want?
  • Step 2 – Why you want it?
  • Step 3 – Who you are committed to being to create it
  • Step 4 – What you are committed to doing to attain it
  • Step 5 – Add inspirational quotes and philosophies

For me, I find self-affirmation extremely powerful. Being a full-time trader requires patience and confidence to overcome the steep learning curve.

By reaffirming myself every morning, it has helped me brace through the toughest days in this journey.

My trading affirmation goes like this:

I will become a successful trader, and I am committed to do so by being patient and discipline with all my trades. I am also committed to make quality decisions while executing all my trades.

Lastly, to feel the lasting impact of affirmations – you must be consistent! This means that you got to practice it daily  – no shortcuts!

Affirmations are the key to becoming the person we need to be to achieve everything that we want in life.

(3) V is for Visualization (2 – 3 minutes)

Visualization is a form of mental rehearsal that practitioners use to construct a mental picture of specific outcome from their actions in life.

As we visualize daily, we align our thoughts and feelings with our vision. This practice has been especially useful in helping me overcome self-limiting beliefs and habits.

Every morning, I combine the practice of visualization with my affirmation session. As such, I will visualize myself being the successful trader that have the time and flexibility to travel to places and experience new culture during my affirmation.

(4) E is for Exercise (5 – 15 minutes)

In his book, Hal, a yoga practitioner, suggested exercise as a staple in our daily rituals.

Of all the benefits, exercising in the morning can help maintain our emotional well-being and concentrate better during the day.

For me, the least I would do is to go for a walk around my area in the morning. 

Surprisingly, many amazing creative content ideas that I have come to me during my morning walk!

(5) R is for Reading (5 – 15 minutes)

Reading is the fastest way to acquire the knowledge and methods needed for you to achieve what you want in life.

According to Hal, the idea is to learn from those who have already done what you want to do.

Even by just reading 10 pages a day, we would be 3650 pages better off than those who do not read in a year time!

Just like how humans need food to fill up our tummy, the mind also needs to be fed by knowledge and ideas to improve. So, start reading!

(6) S is for Scribing (5 minutes)

Scribing is essentially the habit of keeping a journal in our daily life.

By building the habit of scribing, it will enable you to document your thoughts, ideas, breakthroughs and learnings.

For myself, I keep a journal to record my daily To-Do’s, the things that I am grateful for during the day.

Keeping a journal in life has kept my life in check and organized.

No Money Lah's Verdict

As far as I am concern, the S.A.V.E.R.S. morning rituals are the most effective way to live a fulfilling life.

With just 20 – 30 minutes of my time in the morning, I’ve been able to keep myself in check and focus on the important things in life in 2018.

I’ve find this book extremely helpful that I’ve lend this book to many close friends of mine. In fact, I frequently revisit the book to internalize the knowledge within.

For those who seek breakthrough in life in 2019, definitely check out ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod!

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Personally, I believe that 'The Miracle Morning' would make an amazing Christmas and New Year gift to your loved ones and even yourself!

Hence, specially for No Money Lah's readers:

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