Clarity in Crisis: Live REIT Income Investing Coaching Session with Yi Xuan

Cut Through Market Noises & Build a Reliable Stream of Income that You'll Thank Yourself For Even After 10 Years

I am looking forward to thrive & grow with you through this crisis.


I really hate building a fancy webpage/landing page. It takes a long time for me to do so and it distracts me from focusing on the real work: to improve your learning experience.

Hence, if you are here, chances are you know me (or my work), and I will go straight to the point on what you can expect to learn & get.

Cool with that? Okay, let’s proceed.


You want to get started with investing BUT not sure what to do.

You tend to Doubt or Second-Guess your own investment ideas/decision.

You tried to participate in most FB Live & forums during MCO, BUT you ended up even more overwhelmed with no clear action plan.


By now, I think you can agree with me that we are living in an era flooded with information.

But here’s the thing when it comes to investing:

We DO NOT need MORE information. What we really need is a CLEAR PROCESS that will help us identify the data that’s truly important and give us CLARITY in building consistent income from investing.


I’ve designed the modules of this live coaching session with your learning experience as my biggest priority. As such, my goal is simple:

Breakdown & simplify each lesson to the core so you can learn, absorb and apply them instantly after each live session.

Day 1 – 8KPIs: Identifying Diamonds from Rocks:

(1) Fundamentals + Mindset to the stock market & REIT Investing

(2) 8 KPIs to identify a solid REIT investment (P1).

Day 2 – 8 KPIs: Separating Traps from Opportunities:

(3) 8 KPIs to identify a solid REIT investment (P2).

Day 3 – The Clarity Process: 

(4) Market & Real Estate Cycle

(5) Buy & Sell Rules

(6) Thought Process & How to Make a Quality Investment Decision

Day 4 – Craft Your Own Journey:

(7) How to Build a REIT Portfolio that pays consistent dividend income based on your commitment & personality

(8) How to navigate around investment platform to invest

(9) How to manage & organize your investments like a business


Our final goal here is surprisingly simple, yet strikingly straightforward:

No more feeling overwhelmed. No more having the fear of missing out. No more being miserable in your investing journey.

You will be given a crystal clear framework – where you will be able to independently make investment decisions and start gaining confidence to build a consistent income from the market.


3 Hours * 4 Days of Live Coaching Sessions

Simple, step-by-step live coaching to breakdown the most insightful investing process – even one with no prior experience can grasp & apply.

Day 1: 20/6/2020 (Saturday), 9:00am – 12:00pm

Day 2: 21/6/2020 (Sunday), 9:00am – 12:00pm

Day 3: 27/6/2020 (Saturday), 9:00am – 12:00pm

Day 4: 28/6/2020 (Sunday), 9:00am – 12:00pm

SOS Call Support

Need any help/clarification after our live coaching session? No worries as all participants are entitled for exclusive live SOS call support throughout the live coaching days.

Day 1: 20/6/2020 (Saturday), 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Day 2: 21/6/2020 (Sunday), 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Day 3: 27/6/2020 (Saturday), 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Day 4: 28/6/2020 (Sunday), 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Recorded Video Lessons

Missed out of a session, or want to revisit the lessons in the future? No worries, all live sessions are recorded and uploaded to our private group so you can go back to the lessons anytime 🙂

Exclusive Access to My REIT Analysis System

Get exclusive access to an intuitive, yet simple to use analysis system that I personally developed and use.

p.s. It took me 5 years to develop this system! 

Access to Private Participants-Only Discussion Community

Upon signing up, you will be added to our private group where you will receive all the exclusive materials & updates of our live coaching session.

Not only that, frequent insights-sharing sessions will also be organized even after we are done with our live coaching session – learning never ends!

Bonus: Pre-Coaching Jumpstart Pack

All participants are entitled to a specially prepared Pre-Coaching Jumpstart Pack to get started with the fundamentals of investing, stock market & REITs.


To be very open & transparent with you, the reason why I bring my workshop online is because prior to this, there were 25 people that have signed up for my May offline workshop – and I got to bring it online as I was unable to deliver the workshop due to Covid-19.

My biggest concern is, of course, the particpants’ learning experience.

That said, my concerns were proven unnecessary when I received overwhelmingly positive responses from all of my 2 online live coaching sessions – below are some of the screenshots from their feedback and social media posts.



BUT…if you register before 11:59pm of 14/6/2020 (Sunday), your investment will only be RM399!

And I can confidently share with you that the value that you will get from this live coaching session is definitely more than the small investment that you put ahead 🙂


Note: Please send me an email at if you face problem enrolling/transacting and prefer another transaction method 🙂

Paypal payment: Please provide your contact number & email so I can reach out to you 🙂