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A 4-day live sharing session for you to learn about REIT investing

I study & simplify Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) investing, and is currently in my journey to build my dividend income stream to achieve Financial Independence (FI). (And I’d love to share this with like-minded friends!)


*DISCLAIMER: The content throughout this live session is purely my personal sharing. I am not a licensed financial planner & by no means eligible to give out any buy/sell recommendation. I do not collect & invest money on behalf of anyone except for myself. Please consult a licensed financial planner before making any financial decision.


Sharing Session Overview

The module of this sharing session is designed from the ground up to ensure the best learning experience, even for people without prior experience or background.

We’ll kick-off Day 1 with a solid & interesting introduction to the business of REIT. This is essential to set-up the momentum for the upcoming sessions. Also, I’ll begin to introduce simple tips & tricks to navigate around the earnings report for important data for our 8 KPIs in order to identify a solid REIT business. (CRUCIAL SKILL)

On Day 2, we’ll learn how to easily dive deep into the earnings report, and collect more relevant data to evaluate a REIT. Our custom REIT analysis template will be extremely helpful for both Day 1 & Day 2.

The most underrated stage in investing is to identify the market conditions or the investing context, as well as a clear decision-making process. On Day 3, we’ll go through crucial lessons like the economic & property cycle, as well as important decision-making processes. Finally, we’ll learn how to put everything together to make an informed investing decision a.k.a. the CLARITY Process.

I am a huge advocate for fellow participants to make independent (and informed) investment decisions, without being influenced by rumors, noise, and other people’s opinions (yes, even mine). Hence, just another reminder that I DO NOT give out buy/sell recommendations – not only I am not qualified to do so, but doing so will also deter your growth as a confident investor.

Everyone can buy a stock. But very few know how to manage their investments. On Day 4, we’ll learn how to manage our REIT investment like a business systematically, as well as the mindset needed to sustain our investing journey for the long-term.


This live REIT income investing sharing session is perfect for:

#1 Investors looking to build a reliable dividend income stream from the stock market via REITs.

#2 Beginning investors looking to invest in a simple-to-understand industry.

#3 Real estate enthusiasts looking to expand their portfolio in public-listed commercial properties.

Simple & Straightforward Registration

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03 Sharing Session Starts!

Our live sharing session will start on the 2nd of January, 9am sharp! Time to begin your journey in REIT investing :)

Participants’ Feedback from Past Sharing Sessions

While it is impossible to strike perfection, but I strive to improve the content delivery & learning experience of the live sharing session everytime. This is what the past participants said about their experience:


I've spent thousands on overpriced courses & received the worst support. You deserve better value for your investment & I know I can do much more to support your investing journey. (By the way, I see this as a journey for us to grow & improve together)


Daily SOS Calls (Worth RM199/Call)

Have questions? Need clarifications? Every evening during our live sharing session (DATE: TBC), we’ll have an evening SOS Call session to help you with your questions.

Custom REIT Analysis Template (Worth RM599)

Simple yet powerful custom REIT analysis & management template that I personally develop & use. Complimentary just for you.

Full-Access to Lesson & SOS Calls Recordings

All sharing sessions & SOS calls will be recorded and uploaded on our private learning platform, so you can always go back to the recordings for a refresher anytime.

Exclusive Private REIT Investing Community* (Priceless)

*Upon Completion of Live Sharing Session

No one should be left alone in their investing journey. Gain exclusive access to our private REIT investing community where we discuss investing perspectives & celebrate little wins in our journey.



Worth: Priceless

Investing is a life-long journey of continuous improvement (not just a 4-day session). As we discover new perspectives & learn new things, I organize monthly members-exclusive sharing sessions to discuss timely investing-related topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer to your question? Write to me at [email protected] and I'd be more than happy to help you out :)

This live sharing session will be conducted over Zoom. The link to our Zoom meeting will be sent to you prior to the session.

No problem at all! We’ll start by covering the basics of the stock market & REITs, to how you can make independent investment decisions without being overwhelmed by the news and other people’s opinion. In fact, most of my participants are either fresh or relatively new to the stock market.

We’ll learn inside out about Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and how to identify & invest in a solid REIT business. Ultimately, the goal here is to encourage you to start making independent investment decisions with better clarity, and eventually start building your own passive income stream from the stock market – without being overwhelmed by the noise from other people & the social media.

REITs are generally considered a more defensive business in a volatile sea of the stock market.

On average, REITs pay out around 5-7% in dividends per year, making them one of the most reliable & attractive sources of passive income for investors.

When you invest in REITs, you essentially become the ‘landlord’ to commercial properties like Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley, KPJ Hospitals, Sunway University, and more. As a ‘landlord’ (shareholder) to REITs, you are rewarded with rent (dividends), and even potential capital gain in REITs’ share price without having the hassle to manage the properties yourself.

If you are new to the stock market, REIT is the perfect sector to start with as it is a simple-to-understand business (Question: do you know how Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley make money?)

If you are a real estate enthusiast looking to expand your portfolio to commercial properties, this live sharing session is definitely the right suit for you.

If you are looking to build a reliable stream of dividend income from the stock market, I think you’ll like what this live sharing session can bring to you.

Not directly as our focus will be around Malaysian REITs. However, this live sharing module is designed to fit the analysis of REITs regardless of country. The point here is to learn how to identify a solid REIT – and then you can expand your selections once you master the necessary skillsets.

If you can’t make it to either one (or 2) of the day, you can always rewatch the recordings that’ll be uploaded right after the recording is processed in the afternoon. Should you face any question, feel free to ask them during the daily SOS call at 8:30pm.

That said, my suggestion is not to miss Day 3 of the live sharing session. Also, if you can’t make it for more than 2 days, please hold your sign-up & reach out to me as we can arrange for you to join the future session instead.

#1 You will have a good understanding of investing and the business of REIT. 

In other words, you will know how to gauge the context of the market and business environment, while dissecting the earnings report for essential information.

#2 Information is useless in the hand of people that do not know what to do with it.

Hence, secondly, you will be able to put every information above into a clear decision-making process. Doing so will help you to make independent investment decisions confidently without being overwhelmed by news, rumors, and other people’s opinions (yes, even mine).

#3 You can start building your passive income stream from the stock market.

Now you can be the ‘landlord’ (shareholder) to commercial properties like Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley, and even KPJ Hospitals!

The returns may be extremely small at the start, but as you grow your capital your returns will follow as well!

Caveat: That said, this live sharing session is NOT the magic pill to success. Knowing what to do, you NEED to practice and keep honing the skills learned (especially decision-making skills), or else it will go to waste in the end. Remember, continuous practice is the key.

You will receive a Welcome Email within 24 hours upon your registration. In this email, I will share with you the next step to prepare for the live sharing session. 🙂

If you are keen to join this live sharing session and prefer an installment payment, please reach out to me via [email protected] and I will arrange a 2-month installment plan for you. 🙂


I do not believe in success without effort. Investing is a skill and just like any skills in this world, it will take time & consistent effort to become a solid investor. Just like any form of endeavor in life, there is no guarantee for any form of results & outcome from this live coaching session – it is extremely dependant on the decisions & actions that you take in this journey. Past results are not representative of future outcomes. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via [email protected]

The contents of this site & live sharing session are purely for sharing purposes and should not be taken as a buy/sell recommendation. When investing, please be mindful of the risk which could lead to potential capital loss. Please consult a licensed financial planner before making any financial decision.