The Freedom Fund – My Dividend Income Portfolio

The Freedom Fund is updated quarterly.

Some fields (US, HK, CAD stocks & ETFs) are calculated in real-time so the total value and yields will change throughout the day.

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The Freedom Fund is my dividend-focused portfolio to generate passive income.

My goal is to build a portfolio that generates RM4,000/m (~$925) in passive income. Meanwhile, my mid-term aim is to hit RM1,000/m (~$230) by 2028, or earlier.

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Freedom Fund as of Jan 2023

Gross Investment: RM51,979

Dividends received in 2023: RM68.53

Dividend Yield (Dividends/Gross Investment): 0.13%

Note: Estimated Annual Dividend Income (before tax) = Past year DPU/Total Shares Owned

p.s. The Freedom Fund is not inclusive of my investments in growth-focused assets & robo-advisors.