Last Updated on May 2, 2022 by Chin Yi Xuan



It’s better to start investing at RM50 consistently every month, than to only start investing when you have RM100,000 in your account.

Making small, consistent progress is much better than doing nothing at all. (p.s. I recommend StashAway)


Building a RM30,000 emergency fund seems intimidating.

Much easier when you can save RM28 everyday for the next 3 years (36 months).

Huge financial goals can be crazy simple when we break them down into small, actionable steps over a long period of time.


Most people need consistency more than they need intensity.


– Trying to flip RM100 to RM5000 in the stock market in a short period of time (eg. 1 week)

– Trying to save 90% of income by living an extremely frugal lifestyle.

– 1-month of no-spend day.


– Save and invest a consistent amount every month.

– Review personal finances every month/quarter.

– Spend a healthy yet reasonable amount of money on personal growth and self-care every month.

Intensity makes a good story. Consistency makes progress.