Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Chin Yi Xuan

In this post, you’ll see my monthly dividend income updates for 2023. 

My goal is to invest a portion of my funds to build a RM1,000/month passive income portfolio (and eventually RM4,000/month).

Through this journal, you’ll see my progress month by month – and I wish you will find inspiration to start your dividend investing journey too! Let’s go!

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January 2023 Dividend Income Update

For the first month of 2023, I received RM68.53 in dividend income, which is a decent increase over the RM10.88 that I received last year! 

Stocks/ETFTickerDividends ReceivedDividends Received (RM)
Harvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETFHBFCAD4.59RM15.68
Harvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETFHTACAD4.93RM14.60
Purpose Bitcoin Yield ETFBTCYCAD1.79RM5.69
Purpose Ether Yield ETFETHYCAD1.96RM6.23
Harvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF (USD)HTA.UUSD6.21RM26.33
Total Dividends ReceivedRM68.53

[Note] Dividends are considered received as per dividend ex-date.

Exchange Rate: 

  • USD1 = RM4.24
  • SGD1 = RM3.23
  • CAD1 = RM3.18
  • HKD1 = RM0.54

Dividend breakdown by month & year:

Dividend breakdown by currency:

Jan 2023 Wrap-Up + Thoughts:

The new year has been very eventful thus far.

My grandma passed away the week before CNY (peacefully) and the unusually chilly weather of this CNY got me sick for the rest of the month.

In times like this, my conviction to build a low-maintenance dividend income portfolio (ie. my Freedom Fund) only grew stronger.

Why? Because life is full of unexpected incidents. With income automation, it helps relieve the stress and anxiety that I need to rush back to work during difficult moments in life.

Having choices in life is a luxury that one needs to intentionally prepare for as it does not come without prior effort.

Regardless, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll continue following my journey and find value in my content!

p.s. You can check out my latest Freedom Fund portfolio HERE.

  • Dividend Income (Jan): RM68.53
  • Dividend Income (2023): RM68.53