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Rakuten Trade has recently released their much anticipated US stock trading service.

In fact, thanks to Rakuten Trade’s affordable fee structure, it is the only Malaysia-regulated broker that I’d recommend for Malaysians who want to invest in the US stock market.  

In this guide, let me share with you (step-by-step) how to buy your first US share on Rakuten Trade!

Also, I’ll show you some tips & tricks to familiarize yourself with the jargon on the platform! 

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Rakuten Trade free Nvidia share promo 2024

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How can you use these RT points?

These RT points are amazing, as they can be converted into brokerage rebates, Air Asia rewards, Boost stars, and Bonuslink points which are redeemable for rewards. 

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Select 'NoMoneyLah' under 'Educator' to get your RT points!
Select ‘NoMoneyLah’ under ‘Educator’ to get your RT points!

How to buy your first US share on Rakuten Trade (+tips)

Note: The following steps are the same regardless of whether you use Rakuten Trade’s web platform or iSpeed app to buy US stocks. 

Step 1: Search for stock/ticker & decide to buy shares in MYR or USD

Log in to your Rakuten Trade account. Then, search for the name or ticker of the stocks/ETF that you want to invest in.

How to buy US stocks on Rakuten Trade (step 1)

Next, click the ‘Buy’ button.

How to buy US stocks on Rakuten Trade (step 1b)

Then, decide if you want to execute your trade using MYR or USD. You can refer to my guide HERE to learn when is the best time to use MYR or USD.  

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Rakuten Trade Buy US stocks in USD

Step 2: Decide on your limit order price

Buy Limit Order allows investors to line up their orders to buy shares at a specific price or better. At the moment, it is the only execution method on Rakuten Trade. 

Example: As shown in the screenshot, Apple’ share price is $168.40.

  • If you want to buy Apple shares at a lower price, let’s say $168.00, then set your limit price to $168.00. Essentially, what you are doing is telling the system that ‘Execute Buy Order if the price drops to $168.00 or less’
  • Tips: If you want to buy Apple shares directly at $168.40, then set your limit price at $168.40. Usually, for most shares with enough liquidity, you should most likely be able to buy at the price without issue.
How to buy US stocks on Rakuten Trade (step 2)

Step 3: Decide quantity to buy + mindful of the indicative exchange rate

Next, decide on the number of shares that you want to buy. 

Tips: Some shares are denominated in x1 units, while some are in x100 units, so do be mindful of it!  Before you execute your order, it is helpful to know that on Rakuten Trade, you can invest in US stocks using MYR or USD. 

Hence, do take note of the exchange rate for your transaction. The rate is updated daily, quoted by Rakuten Trade’s foreign exchange provider. There is usually a minor spread between the rate offered compared to what you found on Google.

How to buy US stocks on Rakuten Trade (step 3)

Step 4: Decide the validity period of your order

Validity decides how long your buy order will stay relevant until it expires. Under validity, there are 2 options:

  • Day: Your limit order will be canceled automatically by the end of the trading day if it is not filled. No commissions will be charged for the canceled order.
  • Good-till-date (GTD): Your limit order will remain active until a specified date of your choice. Select GTD if you want your limit order to stay active for a longer period of time.
How to buy US stocks on Rakuten Trade (step 4)

Step 5: Key in trading pin

Key in your Rakuten Trade trading pin to approve the order. Click ‘Confirm Order’ and your order will be processed – that’s it!

How to buy US stocks on Rakuten Trade (step 5)
How to buy US stocks on Rakuten Trade (check order status)

Tips: Use RT Points to offset brokerage fee

RT points are points that are rewarded when you open an account, fund your account, and place a trade.  

If you have existing RT points, you can select the option to use your points to offset the brokerage fee. This feature is only available if your limit order’s validity is set to Day instead of GTD.

Use RT points to Lower brokerage fee

Note: You’ll still pay for the brokerage fee when your order is filled, but it’ll be rebated back to your account by the end of the trading session.

RT points redemption

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Must-Know: US Stock Market Operating Hours

Barring holidays or special circumstances, the US stock market opens between 9:30am to 4:00pm eastern time (ET) in the US.

As Malaysians, there are 2 things that we need to know while investing in the US stock market:

  • Malaysian time is 12 hours ahead of the US.
  • Daylight Savings Time (DST): DST is the time of the year when the US market adjusts their clocks to move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening.

What does DST mean to Malaysian investors?

  • In 2024, DST will start on 10th March. During DST, the US stock market will begin at 9:30pm Malaysia time.
  • Meanwhile, DST will end on 3th November 2024. After DST ends, the US stock market will begin at 10:30pm Malaysia time.

No Money Lah’s Verdict

So there you have it – how to buy your first US stock on Rakuten Trade!  

If this is your first time investing in US stocks on Rakuten Trade, I hope this buying guide has been helpful to you!  

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The information stated above is based on my personal experience and for the purpose of sharing such experience only. It is not intended as professional investment advice. Please contact Rakuten Trade for more information.


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